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Eight ways to play Power Chords that'll blow everyone away

• Author: @maxtpg
I'll show you 8 ways in which you can play power chords to bring more life to your riffs and blow some heads off with such Power! Perfect for rockers.

How to change Strings, step by step

• Author: @maxtpg
If you haven't changed the strings in your guitar yet, or have not been able to do it before, I'll teach you how to do it. I'll show you how to change strings on my two electrics and electroacoustic guitars.

All about Guitar Strings

• Author: @maxtpg
If you've ever went to any store, you most likely were overwhelmed with the amount of different kinds of strings. In this lesson, I'll show you what you need to know and how to pick the right string set for you.

Fretboard dots: what are they for?

• Author: @maxtpg
Ever wandered why is it that most guitars have dots on the fretboard? In this lesson I'll show you why that is and how you can use them to take your fretboard knowledge to the next level.

How to tune your guitar

• Author: @maxtpg
I'll show you how to use a standard tuner and also show you how the built-in tuners on my multi-effects pedals work, so that you can keep your guitar tuned at all times.

How to do Palm Muting - Guitar Lesson for Beginners

• Author: @maxtpg
Learn to do this technique to add a lot of punch to your playing.

Riff & Jam instantly: The Two-Figure Rock Technique

• Author: @maxtpg
I'll show you a quick method to come up with chunky rock riffs on the fly while jamming with others, or when you are composing a new song.

Find intervals on the fretboard fast: 3x3 Box Technique

• Author: @maxtpg
I'll show you how you how to identify intervals of any note on the fretboard very fast by focusing on a single area.
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