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What Does Having Natural Talent Really Mean

Have you ever watched a guitar player that played so great and so smoothly it made you either say or think, “He or She is so great, they are just a natural guitar player”. You are partially correct, that guitarist does have natural talent and natural talent has something to do with their level of skill. The rest of the question is, “How did they get that way?”. There are steps that they took to become great and most people either never think about what those steps are or how they can apply it to themselves and become naturally talented.

How They Got That Way- 

To get a better understanding of how someone becomes naturally talented, you have to first understand that it can be learned and that you have the potential to become naturally talented. You read that right, you have that ability, you have it right now. You just have to learn what it takes to become naturally talented and then apply it to your guitar playing, starting today!

Here are 4 steps you can take to become naturally talented:

1) They outwork everyone - In today’s world, most people want the payoff to come right away. They put in a little bit of effort or inconsistent effort and expect to be rewarded. When that doesn’t happen, they simply quit and convince themselves that they just don’t have “it”.

2) Having a Practice Plan - This is one of the biggest secrets of becoming a great guitar player. The best guitar players always have (or had) a plan when they practice. They know the things that they want to focus on and how to practice them in order to get the best results. Ever hear of Steve Vai’s 10 and 30 hour guitar workouts? Do you think he planned all of that stuff out? He absolutely did and that is why he is so great. You can and should do the same types of things. Having a practice plan will save you hours of wasted time because you will determine, ahead of time, what you are going to practice, how you are going to practice it and you will also know what adjustments need to be made going forward.

3) Not Quitting When They Struggle - If you ask the guitar players that are naturally talented what they did when they had struggles (they all did at one point or another), not one of them is going to tell you that they quit. They found a way to work through their struggles and kept going. Giving up wasn’t an option for them. They keep going when others are ready to give up.

4) Building a Psychology Of Resilience In Themselves - This goes along with dealing with struggle. It is the process of knowing that you are going to struggle at some point but making the decision ahead of time that it won’t matter. No matter when those struggles come up, you are going to have already determined that you aren’t going to stop and that you are going to get past any obstacles that get in your way, no matter what they are and no matter how long it takes.

If you study any great musician, you will find that their greatness did not come by accident. Even if they didn’t think they would become famous, they wanted to be great and they worked at it with that particular goal in mind. If they can do it, so can you. Too many time we sell ourselves short because we convince ourselves that it will be too hard. The truth is that practicing to become a great musician is far easier than living with the “what ifs” and regrets of knowing that you gave up on yourself just because you were having a hard time. Stick with it, build your confidence in yourself and become stubborn about reaching your goals. You will be unstoppable.

So the next time you think about giving up because it is too hard or you don’t think that you are naturally talented, remember that you can become naturally talented, think of these 4 steps and follow them.

Don’t worry about or listen to the voice that is trying to convince you that you can’t play guitar. You can be the guitar player that you have always wanted to be. Natural talent does exist and you can have it if you want it. You have to first understand that you can have it and then you need to go out and get it! If you aren’t sure of how to do this, look for a guitar teacher in your area who can help you.

About the author: Byron Marks teaches guitar lessons in Manchester, New Hampshire where he works with guitar students that range from 9 to 62 years old.

Joseph Lopez
@josephlopez   4 years ago
Great words Byron. You are completely right, a lot of aspiring guitarists expect to become proficient right away, without putting in all the effort... They just think they don't have the natural ability but that's a myth. Those skills have to be acquired, and that requires a lot of effort.