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Techniques of the Heroes: Scott Gorham

• Author: @leokisomma
A brief insight into the musical workings of perhaps one of the most under-rated guitar players of his generation, this lesson features some interesting and constructive advice and guitar pieces from the work of the longest serving guitarist of Thin Lizzy: Scott Gorham

Arpeggios: What are they and how do I use them?

• Author: @leokisomma
Arpeggios are probably one of the most infamous techniques in music, no matter the genre, but for beginners that are often one of the most frightening things they have ever seen. Well, I will show you that arpeggios are actually far simpler than many people make them out to be, and show you precisely how to they are used.

Heavy Metal Guitar Secrets: How to use all types of harmonics (Video Lesson)

• Author: @leokisomma
We all know that rock and metal guitarist like making their guitars squeal every now and then, but when it comes to explaining it the most that these people can tell you is often 'just keep trying and you'll get it'. Not so anymore. I will show you exactly how Dimebag Darrell and Joe Satriani get their squeals, all the kinds of harmonics that exist for guitars, and precisely how to use them.

Guitar Licks That You Thought Were Impossible

• Author: @leokisomma
Ever heard a guitar lick on a song and thought "how the hell does he do that" or "I'll never be that good"? Well this lesson series is here to help you get past that. I will be breaking apart and tabbing out some of the most fearsome and infamous riffs, solos, tricks and melodies in music. Want to know how it's done? Ask me and I'll show you.

Song Dissections: The Regulator by Clutch

• Author: @leokisomma
This is a requested lesson that I am uploading on the theory and techniques used in the song 'the regulator' by the blues rock band Clutch. Relatively simple to the first listen, there is actually still quite a few interesting ideas to take away and practice even if you don't realise it when you first listen to the song. In this lesson I take apart and re-assemble the entire song's theory so that you can tell exactly how it has been written.

Beginner's Guide to Hybrid/Chicken Picking

• Author: @leokisomma
Okay, so most guitarists you see playing live either use a pick or they don't, with most people who are acoustic players using their fingers, and most electric guitar players using picks. However, there is a middle ground, a technique that blends both together and will really help open up a new door in your guitar playing once you've learnt it: Hybrid Picking.

Techniques of the heroes: David Gilmour (part 2) - Comfortably Numb Solo

• Author: @leokisomma
Okay guys, this lesson goes over how to play the infamous solo from 'comfortably numb', specifically the version he played at live 8. I have take apart the theory he had used as well as showing you some of my favorite licks from the solo note for note. This solo was voted the best solo of all time once, so if you want to know how David Gilmour does it, then click on this lesson.

Secrets of Jazz guitar: The Bebop Scale

• Author: @leokisomma
Okay so you know the blues and you've been getting used to playing some of the modes and other scales floating around, but what do you do if you want to sound distinctly 'jazzy'? Well, this is one of the trick that the very early jazz musicians came up with to develop their unique sound. Even if you are a rock player, this lesson could really help spice up your playing.
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