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Buyer's Guide To Guitar Bridges

• Author: @leokisomma
Okay, so you want to buy a new guitar, and you heard from a friend that there's a really good one out there, but when you look at it, the guitar has a different setup than the one you're already using. Should you still go ahead and buy it, or walk away and get something else? This Article should hopefully help you with that.

How To Intonate A Guitar

• Author: @leokisomma
This is a grey area for a lot of people. You've tuned your guitar up using a tuner but the notes still don't sound quite right, so what can be wrong with it? The answer is intonation. In this lesson I will show you how to intonate your guitar where it is a fixed or floating bridge in very simple and easy to follow steps.

How to set up your own guitar

• Author: @leokisomma
Want to save yourself money by being able to set-up your own guitars without taking them in to be set-up for you? Want to know Exactly what happens to your guitar that requires it to be set-up? Want to know the most common mistakes people make when doing this the first time? Then you need to read this lesson.

How to control feedback from an amplifier

• Author: @leokisomma
How to control feedback from an amplifier is a problem that almost every rock/metal/blues player will come up against, so I'm going to do my best in this lesson to show you how to keep this problem under control, especially in a live situation.

5 commonly asked questions about guitars

• Author: @leokisomma
I always seem to get asked the same sort of questions by the guitarists that I teach or speak to, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to upload my answers to these questions. This is more or less a response to questions that I have been asked more than a lesson, but it's worth a look if you're buying new gear or learning new techniques at the moment.

Guitar rig troubleshooting: how to setup your pedals for optimum tone

• Author: @leokisomma
This is an extension to a lesson that a lot of people seemed to like that I did a while back. What effect does changing the order of pedals have on your sound? Where should I put each pedal for the best sound? What is each pedal actually doing? I'll be doing my best to answer all of these questions in this new mini-series of lessons.

Guitar maintenance: Exactly why and how you should clean your guitar in simple words

• Author: @leokisomma
This is a guitar article on exactly why you should clean your guitar, what difference it will make, and how to go about it without accidentally causing more harm than goog to come to your guitar.

How to set up your guitar rig: Amps and Tone control

• Author: @leokisomma
One of the things that frustrates almost every guitarist on the planet is how they can practice a song note for note, but they won't get the sound they want if they can't figure out how to set their amps up properly. This article should hopefully help with that.
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