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Arpeggio Shapes - Major 7

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
Like I said in my last lesson regarding Dom7 arpeggios today is the time to move to Major 7 shapes. If you got the hang of how the Dom7th ones go then it shouldn't be a problem to tackle these.

Arpeggio shapes-Dominants

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
Hi there! These next 3 lessons we’ll be focusing on Arpeggios starting with the Dominant 7 shapes with the Major 7 and Minor 7 following very soon.

Major Modes Introduction

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
Many books were and are still being written on Modes. Some very good and some pretty confusing! I’ll do my best to teach you what maybe others left missing. In this lesson I will do a small introduction on Modes and the 'why' and 'how' of their existence!

Unusual Pentatonic Runs

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
When soloing we’re faced with the task of saying something meaningful and usually say it in a short span of time! So having at our disposal some ‘cool’ runs can be very beneficial and can take us out of trouble many times

Bending Ideas

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
Knowing how to bend is the most essential ‘expression’ tool alongside vibrato every guitar player should work hard to develop to the fullest.

Trills workout

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
...without the stamina and strength the fretting hand won’t respond and will let you down! So today we’ll go through some essential exercises to tackle just that.

Legato Exercises

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
If you take a look at the tab/standard notation you’ll realize that this is a very ‘fast’ lesson using 32nd notes! And you’re right but hang in there because this can take your playing somewhere else.

Chromatic stretch (part 2)

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
How did the exercises in Chromatic stretch (part 1) go? Tough but worth the effort eh? I hope that there were no quitters though as that’s a word not found in my book. Let’s check out part 2 now.
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