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Essential Chord Shapes (part 2)

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
As promised last time this is the 2nd part of the chord shapes lesson. Hope you did well with last time’s part 1 as this will build upon it! So review any problems that might have occurred so you can tackle this one properly.

Essential Chord Shapes (part 1)

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
Knowing all the chords and their different shapes is not an option but a must for every serious guitar player. Today’s article will start to deal with the essential chord shapes one should know and next time we’ll expand on it.

Major Modes (part 2)

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
This is the second lesson on how to approach Major modes. From now on I’ll be including more playing examples and less talk in my lessons so that you can apply ‘hands on’ techniques!

Major Modes (part 1)

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
Some lessons ago I taught you how to study scales in a very efficient manner. I trust you didn’t stick with the C Major only but went to all keys! If you didn’t do that you better check out the Cycle of Fifths and start going through the scales one by one adding up in sharps and flats!


• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
Hi folks. As a guitar player and teacher I always stressed the importance of knowing ‘all the scales’ in the book! And in a way it’s true and very beneficial to have. But that’s not all you need to have so you pull out a great solo.

Finding a guitar teacher

• Author: @jean-pierre-zammit
In this article I will try to pin point some very important factors that will help the student successfully go through and become a serious guitarist.