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Music Theory

» Discuss music theory, writing, composition, improvising ..
2 topics Joseph Lopez

Getting Started with Guitar and Music

» Finally, you've got it. Now it's time to start learning the basics of playing guitar and start making music.
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Electric Guitars

» Anything and everything about electric guitars.
4 topics DDaneskovic

Acoustic & Classical Guitars

» A place for fingerpickers and flatpickers to share their knowledge and advice. No amps allowed! Also the place to talk about the playing and theory of classical guitar. Strictly on-topic only.
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Bass Guitars

» Anything and everything about bass guitars.
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Amps & Effects

» How to find the right amp and maximize the tone of your current amp. Stomp boxes, multi-effects, and towering racks.
2 topics PaulJones9

Songwriting & Lyrics

» Songwriting tips and discussion. Share lyrics you have written, share your songs and ideas, and collaborate with others.
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Jazz Club

» Lets talk about Jazz!
1 topics mikenova

Guitar Parts & Accessories

» Discuss guitar strings, picks, cables, capos and other guitar toys. Please also check guitar amps and effects categories.
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» Pro audio gear, workstations, mics, Pods, preamps and more.
1 topics Fusk8

DIY (Do It Yourself)

» For all you hardware (and software) hackers building your own instruments, effects, amps, making pedals, pedalboards, customization and other inventions.
6 topics mikenova


» Virtual amps, effects and recorders.
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Bands & Artists

» Discuss everything about the bands, artists and songs!
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Website Q&A

» Please use this category to post your questions related to the website.