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Bill Evans solo transcription - What Is This Thing Called Love -part 1

• Author: @50-shades-of-guitar
Ear training and quality of our musical hearing is the most important feature of every musician. Countless music geniuses keep on saying this on many occassions, including my personal favourites Pat Methney and Miles Davis. It is not how many notes we play, not important how fast we can play them as long as our notes are "kicking" by sitting well in time and creating interesting melodies.

Advanced Jazz Blues Harmony Explained - Joe Pass Blues in Bb

• Author: @50-shades-of-guitar
Advanced Jazz Blues Harmony: Learn the harmony in numbers not in chord names - you will be able to use them in any key.

Lesson Zero - Learn in less than 5 minutes what it takes to play guitar and become a better musician

• Author: @50-shades-of-guitar
Hi Guys, this is first article on my new guitar blog. I was thinking how to organize so huge challenge like learning and mastering an instrument - guitar - in my case, and learning music in general. Since the thing is so wide let's slit it to smaller pieces that we can digest one by one. That's why I divide the subject of learning the instrument in 3 parts: